Advice For New Dog Parents

Advice For New Dog Parents

Becoming a new dog parent is quite scary. Especially if you’re adopting a puppy. The first nights can be crazy and quite difficult. So, there are some things that people need to keep in mind when they adopt a new member to the family. That is why today we bring you some advice for new dog parents. Follow these tips to learn every single thing you need to do to help your dog get adapted. So, keep reading and learn more about these tips we have for you.

Too much excitement can be bad

Well, not completely bad. Puppies get excited about anything. Sometimes in a good way but it can happen in bad ways too. If a dog is too excited it can lead to them stay nervous all day and prevent them from do their daily things. Or even worse, what they should be doing outside they can do it at home. Things like using the furtniture as their bathroom. Too much excitement in one little body can lead to disaster so always try to keep them calm. Pet them, distract them with a toy, and play a lot with them. If your dog gets tired it will be faster for them to fall asleep.

Do not scold too much

This might sound very, very weird but yeah, think about their bladder. Why? Contrary to cats, dogs need to go to the bathroom ou

Finding a number two in our favorite carpet is horrible. And as humans our reaction might be to scold the dog. While dogs are loyal animals and even after scolding they come back to us. Puppies might be more susceptible to this and become scared in the future. So, instead of scolding your puppy, lead them to the bathroom. Take them outside and let them go to the bathroom on their own. They will start to associate the outside with going to the bathroom.

When it comes to advise for new dog parents, there is a lot out there. However, you can start with these ones first to keep your puppy happy and safe in their new home.

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