How To Properly Feed My Dog

Every pet, and especially every dog, is different. So each of them needs different nutrients and proteins. This influenced by their race, their age, and their size. These factors must taken into account when planning our dog’s diet. so that your dog’s life is much healthier. Continue reading How to Properly Feed My Dog


Hydration for dogs is a very important aspect. The average amount of water they need is 60 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. This amount could increased if it is a puppy, a lactating female, or if they are in a very hot climate.
It is important to keep in mind that the water must changed often. It is much better that our dog consumes only fresh water. Besidesn, if we leave the same water for a long time, bacteria can lodged that can cause diseases in the dog.

Food transitions

If, for any reason, you must change your dog’s food, it is so recommended that you do it step by step. You have to help it adapt to other types of flavors. to make it much easier to change it later and keep eating.

Also, this also helps our dog’s metabolism get used to it. And reduces the rejection of new foods or possible digestive problems.

How To Properly Feed My Dog

How To Properly Feed My Dog

Control quantities

If it is possible, you can measure and weigh the amount of food you give, but it would be very good. You can do this with the help of your trusted veterinarian. Thanks to this, the appropriate amount can calculated based on the daily energy needs of your dog.
By controlling the amount of food you give your dog. It will be possible to help prevent diseases such as obesity. Which causes many health complications.

Choosing the perfect food

Dogs must consume a diet that contains nutrients necessary for proper development. You must make sure that the food you offer has proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

Take care of food hygiene.

Food safety must guaranteed. In general, commercial products have no problem maintaining hygiene as long as they are kept very well closed, in dry and protected places.


These are some of the tips we have for you. So you know how to keep your furry friends well fed. This will help you have a much healthier life, maintain your energy, and be very happy.

How To Properly Feed My Dog