Best Types of Dog Grooming Scissors

Best Types of Dog Grooming Scissors

Whenever we take our dog for a grooming session it is normal to want our dog groomers to use the best products. One of the things that affect the dog grooming process is scissors. Some of them work better on one type of fur while others work great on all. Learn today what are the best types of dog grooming scissors. Which ones do we recommend and which one is better for your dog. It is great to know this before a dog grooming session so you can be informed. Continue reading to learn more. In Pet Grooming Salon in Chicago we have the best professionals. 

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The best option for coats with thin skin. Why? Well, these scissors have teeth on both edges of them. This is perfect because your dog groomer can manipulate better when they cut your dog’s fur. These scissors are also great for dogs with thick fur. They are quite a te popular option for most groomers. Also, they are perfect for removing that fur that is close to the ear.

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Best Types of Dog Grooming Scissors


Also known as shears. These ones are perfect for, as the name implies, blending. By that, we mean blending the fur they have on their face and ears. These scissors are also known as single thinning scissors.

They are the perfect ones to use when finishing the grooming session. With them, you can finish off the details. Also, it is a great way to blend short fur with long fur. Especially for those dogs who have a specific type of fur.

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The last one of the best types of dog grooming scissors. These ones are the go-to option for owners who want a natural finish for their dog’s fur. These ones are great for taking care of wavy coats. A lot of dog groomers love to finish with these ones because they take care of the final details of one dog’s fur. Even the AKC vouches for these ones and recommends them.

So, now you know, the best scissors out there. Always ask your local dog groomers which ones they are going to use. And, for more questions remember to call us.