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Dog Grooming Salon Chicago

Here in Fancy Paws, we are the best Dog Grooming Salon in Chicago. We offer the finest services for your pets. Here you can find our menu of services with the three packages of hair cuts and baths that we offer for your dog.


For dogs who just want a basic shampoo and conditioning, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Small: $30
Medium: $40
Large: $50
XL: $60

Prices may vary based on behavior and condition of coat

This essential bath service will keep your dog clean and happy. We take care of the nice appearance of your pet while also focusing on its hygiene, this is the go-to service for any dog!

Pet Grooming Salon in Chicago


For dogs who deserve a little extra pampering. Includes shampoo, blow dry, mani-pedi, paw and sani trim, nail trim and light face trim.

Small: $45
Medium: $50
Large: $60
XL: $70

Prices may vary based on behavior and condition of coat

Our Deluxe Baths focuses on cleaning your pet, of course. However, we go beyond that. We do a careful hand bath. After that we take care of those nails, leaving them short and nice so your pet can run and jump as it pleases. With a gentle blow-dry, we ensure your pet will be looking nice for anything! And if that wasn’t enough we also clean their ears thoroughly. If you have been searching for “Dog Grooming Near Me” you’ve found it!

Chicago Pet Grooming Salon


For long hair dogs Includes everything in deluxe bath plus a fancy haircut according to breed standard or your personal style.

Small: $50
Medium: $55
Large: $65
XL: $75

Prices may vary based on behavior and condition of coat

For those long-haired furry friends! If you want your pet to have a trendy style but is somewhat difficult to do at home, leave it to us! Don’t search Dog Grooming Near Me anymore. You have found the best place!

The Best Dog Grooming Salon Chicago

Walk –in & other services

Self-service dog wash $20 any size tub opens at 2:pm

Nail dermal $5.00
Nail trim $10.00
Paw trim $5.00
Paw pad cream $6.00
Ear cleaning $6.00
Specialized shampoo $8 .00
Hair dye $8 &up
Nail polish with trim $20

Prices may vary based on behavior and condition of coat

Pet Grooming Salon in Chicago


Small 5-15lbs

Medium 15-50 lbs.

Large 50-60 lbs.

Extra-large 60 lbs.+

Price may vary based on condition and behavior


Minimum Age of Three Months

Full Vaccination Cycle

Good Health Condition



High Quality Dog Grooming Salon in Chicago!

All Grooming Services are available for all pets. 

Pets are like family to us. You will notice that as soon as we groom your pet they will start feeling happier. They need to be pampered as much as we. Bring them today! We will take care of them. You will notice how happy your pet will be after a nice grooming session.

FANCY PAWS is proudly one of the nicest pet grooming salon Chicago.

Our grooming service includes everything that comes with the bath service plus extra things! We do a sanitary trim so your pet doesn't have to worry about being itchy or having anything in its fur. Also, we check their paws and leave them nice and soft. Finally, the trendiest trim styles! Who said a pet can't be trendy? We give the best styles here for your pets!

Meet our Groomers

Evelyn Mendoza

I am a professional Groomer dedicated to providing quality grooms with tender care. Fancy Paws was created to make you feel comfortable with our open concept

You may trust that we do what’s best for your pet family. We keep it fancy by providing humanity versus vanity.

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