Dog’s Paw Care

Dog's Paw Care

Aside from the care of their fur or teeth. There is another part that we must take care of in our puppies and that many times as pet owners we forget a lot. We are talking about Dog’s Paw Care and we bring you all the tips you should know to pamper your dog.

Nail trimming and care

In the olden days, dogs used to wear out their claws by covering many miles while hunting. Nowadays the wear and tear is almost nil. That is needed to keep the nails moisturized and trimmed so that they do not hit the ground when walking. But if your dog has dark nails, we recommend you to go to your veterinarian. We must be careful when trimming, if we go a little too far, his paws will bleed a lot.

Care of the hair between the toes

For breeds of dogs with medium and long hair. It often grows between their pads, and it is very likely to get entangled with bacteria and debris that can hurt our dogs. That is why it is very important to keep this area clean by trimming the hair from its paws.

Paw Pad Maintenance

The dog’s paw pads become rough to make it easier to walk on rough surfaces. You should not prevent this hardening by letting your dog walk only on soft surfaces. Yet, you should also take care of the hardened pads.

Seasonal care

Despite the fact that our dogs’ paws seem hard and resistant, they are actually more sensitive than we think. So in seasons like summer or winter, the best thing is to take care of them from touching surfaces that are either too cold or too hot. It is best to avoid going out or try to use some protection. Otherwise, we can leave their paws very exposed and with a probability of injury.