How To Deal With Muddy Dog Paws

How to Deal With Muddy Dog Paws

Don’t we all love watching our dogs come inside the house after playing? It is lovely! They still have that playful energy and that happy face. It is a sight to behold no doubt. Yet, there is one thing that might not be as pleasant as the ones we mentioned. What is that? Their paws. Especially when they are dirty. But do not fret! We have a guide about how to deal with muddy dog paws. Read on to learn what to do after your dog enters your house. Or rather, before.

Avoid having muddy areas

And obvious one but one of the best ways how to deal with muddy dog paws. If you have a big garden, make sure you have your grass in order. What does this mean? Having no bald patches. You can get some synthetic grass for your garden and that can help a lot.

Another option is that you teach your dog to discriminate between spaces. He can identify when to play and when not. If there is mud and its legs can get dirty, you must be prepared at home to clean it.
How to Deal With Muddy Dog Paws

You can also divide specific days to let him play. For example, you plan a day in which you will take him to the bathroom after playing. So he enjoys it, and after going to the hairdresser, he comes home completely clean. Local Dog Groomers Near Me  is the best option. 

Keep a towel at the entrance

Usually, we leave the door closed when our dogs play. But, if you don’t, that is fine! As long as you put something outside for them to clean their paws. And while they won’t do it as we do, remember, dogs are excitable creatures. What does this mean?

They’ll be moving their legs a lot when trying to enter. If you have a towel underneath then they’ll clean their paws by themselves.

Another option is to use wet wipes. If we have good communication with our dog. He will be able to understand that before entering the house we must clean his legs. So we can create a habit even when we go for a walk. We clean his legs before entering the house as a daily habit.

How to Deal With Muddy Dog Paws

Train yout dog

The easiest way but longest to prevent muddy paws at home is training your dog. As we all know, dogs learn to respond to some commands. Ones like “stay”, “sit”, and so on. One good way to stop them from entering the house with dirty paws is by training them.

Takes time but it’ll make your life a lot easier. And remember, if your dog has played a lot outside and needs some relaxing time, bring them to a dog grooming session! They’ll be happy about it!

Everything is practice. Little by little, he will get used to the routines that you establish. He will understand that cleaning his paws and being clean inside the house is important. Besides, transmission of bacteria can avoided in this way. The floor has many, and especially the grass, where there may be fleas and ticks.
If you want to know more about the subject of fleas and ticks, Go to our blog. There we give you the best tips to avoid them or to remove them.