How To Remove A Tick From Your Dog

How To Remove A Tick From Your Dog

Ticks are horrible. Seeing one in our dogs can be terrifying. As dog owners, the first thing we want to do is help our dogs to get rid of them. As dog groomers, we know how common ticks can be for dogs. Even if they are the cleanest on the block, there can always be a way for them to get. So, today we tell you how to remove a tick from your dog. You can take care of that from your home or look for your local dog groomers for extra help.

Common Places for Ticks to Appear

If you are an owner that likes to check their dogs for ticks on a regular basis, that is amazing! Yet, there are some areas you need to check more often than others. These areas are the ears and head, toes, armpits, tail, and groin. While we might not check these places too often you should make it a habit. Whenever you give your dog a bath, take advantage of that. The fur is wet and it is easier to spot ticks. So make sure you check your dog between every bath and as soon as they enter your home.

How to remove a tick from your dog

There are a lot of articles out there. From people who own dogs to the AKC. All of them have some tips and they do work. As dog groomers, we have found the use of tweezers to be effective. However, it is better if you use some fine point tweezers. Why? Because they make the job a lot easier. It doesn’t matter how furry your dog is, you can remove any tick with these ones. You need to spread the fur apart with your fingers and start removing them. Try to do this when your dog is calm and relaxed to prevent stress. You can also try to use some shampoos that can help kill ticks but it is a lot easier and faster to do it yourself. However, if you prefer, bring your dog to a dog grooming session, They’ll take care of everything.