The Origin of Dog Breeds

The Origin of Dog Breeds

For lovers of the different varieties of dogs, it has been fundamental to know the origin of dog breeds. We know they are descended from wolves (Canis lupus), but other questions remain to be answered. For example, when and where were they domesticated? And was there more than one domestication in different parts of the world?
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gray wolf origin of dog breeds
The gray wolf (Canis Lupus) is the first ancestor of all dog breeds.

Dog's origin

The dog (Canis familiaris) was the first specie domesticated by man and, therefore, the best shaped by him. Over the centuries, dogs were artificially selected through intensive breeding. This has resulted in considerable variability in morphology, behavior, and aptitude.
Thus, in the last 130 years, more than 350 breeds were created in a very rapid and intense process. Which has led to homogenization within species. However, throughout history, many theories have been about the dog’s origin and how it has evolved to become the current animal. Let’s take a look at the history of the dog.

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How Man Meets Dog?

Before reviewing the questions of when and where human hunters domesticated the wolf to become a dog, let’s first talk about how it happened. Of course, science can only speculate about these facts. However, according to the book “Man Meets Dog” by Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist and Nobel Prize in Medicine, we will tell the story.

The start of a lifelong friendship:

The first encounter between groups of hunter-gatherers and herds of wild jackals began when the first humans sheltered from the cold of the night in front of the campfire. They warmed the prey trapped during an exhausting day of hunting. While this was happening, one of the herd members was attentive to the barking heard in the distance, warning if it was a sign of danger.
At one point, the individual could notice how the animals producing these sounds shyly approached the campfire. Perhaps attracted by the smell of food, he had the intuition to share a piece of meat with them for friendship. From this gesture, the jackals began to sleep closer to men. And to support the days of hunting with their speed and tracking sense of smell. As a result, they managed to win their share of the booty and a place in our homes.
Konrad Lorenz with his dogs
Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize and author of the book: "Man meets dog."

The first ancestor: Wolves or Jackals?

As you may have noticed, Konrad Lorenz argued that the first ancestor of dogs was the jackal. He was not the only one. This was an extensive discussion to conclude that the first ancestor of dogs and jackals was the Canis lupus or wolf. Below you will find a timeline to illustrate this idea.

Geographical Origin of Dogs: Double domestication?

Although the dog has been central to human history, there is no scientific consensus on several details of its origin. First, it is unclear whether they were domesticated once or several times in different parts of the world. It needs to be clarified. The options for these origins are in Europe, Central Asia, or East Asia.
Some claim that dogs first appeared in the Upper Paleolithic about 30,000 years ago. However, the earliest remains that most certainly belong to dogs appeared in Europe about 15,000 years ago and in Far East Asia more than 12,500 years ago. This creates a dilemma for scientists because there is a wide time difference between the two origins.

What do the studies say?

According to the study “Genomic and archaeological evidence suggest a dual origin of domestic dogs” by Laurent Frantz et al. the genes of modern East Asian and East European dogs are very different. The results suggest that dogs may have been independently domesticated in East Asia and Eastern Europe from distinct wolf populations.
One possibility proposed by science is that East Asian dogs were transported to Europe with their masters, where they partially replaced the early European dogs. However, genetic studies point to the dogs having their main source of origin in Asia.

The Origin of Dog Breeds Conclusion

In conclusion, the origin of dog breeds come from a common ancestor: the gray wolf. This occurred at the time when the wolf was domesticated. There still needs to be certain about when and where the domestication occurred. However, everything pointed to Asia more than 10,000 years ago. Whether there was double domestication remains to be confirmed.
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