Tips for Summer Dog Grooming

Tips for Summer Dog Grooming

Are you looking for ways to become the best dog parent around? Dog Grooming is one way to reach that! Why? Well, dogs deserve to be pampered too. Especially during Summer. A lot of people think that with the normal spring dog grooming their pets will be fine. And yes but, that won’t prepare them for summer. But, don’t worry. As the expert dog groomers we are, today we have some tips for summer dog grooming. Read on to learn what you can do for your dog this coming season and prepare ahead of time.

De-Shed your dog

So, one of the best tips for summer dog grooming is this one. Some people hear about heat and think that shaving a dog is the best thing to do. And not really. Even the AKC says that shaving a dog completely is a bad idea. Why? Dogs use their coat of fur to regulate their temperature. If you take it all away it can cause issues. So, we recommend just de-shedding your dog. This can be a great way to get rid of what they’re shedding. This is a lot more helpful than just shaving them completely so, do this as soon as the season begins

The 5-second rule

Sadly, our dogs can’t use shoes. In that case, their paw pads get really hot. One rule that a lot of people recommend doing is the 5-second rule. Put your hand on top of the asphalt. If you can handle the heat for more than 5 seconds, then they will too. If you can’t, then it might be better to way until the area cools off and take your dog out later. Paw pads can suffer a lot and your dog will get hurt too.

As a last tip, we also recommend taking your dog to regular dog grooming sessions. This can help a lot with the hot season and give your dog a great time before they go out and play. So, make sure to find your nearest dog groomers and start pampering your friend!