Tips To Take Care Of Dogs’ Teeth

One of the most common questions is about the care of our pets. And one of the most relevant topics is the teeth of dogs. In this article we will give you the best tips to properly care for and clean your dog’s teeth. At Fancy Paws, we are professionals at doing it. So if you want someone else to do it, don’t hesitate to come with us and bring your furry friend. So, continue reading the Tips To Take Care Of Dogs’ Teeth

Brushing teeth

If possible, get your dog used to dental cleaning at home. It is done frequently, even when he is still a puppy. This will help your dog get used to it from a young age. This will make it much easier to maintain these habits.
The most recommended thing is that you gently rub the dog’s teeth with a cloth. Another option is to use a brush with very soft bristles to avoid hurting the puppy’s gums. 
It is also important that you know that there are several special toothpastes for dogs. It is necessary that you do not use the one that is for humans.

Tips To Take Care Of Dogs' Teeth


The frequency of brushing teeth related to the age of your pet. When he is a puppy, it recommended to brush as often as possible. This will make your pet get used to brushing his teeth.
In general, there are people who seek to brush their teeth after each meal. But even this can have consequences. Both wear on their teeth and even discomfort and irritation.
Over time and as it grows, this will be done less often. Your pet will begin to strengthen their teeth. 
They will stop having the actions of eating or biting everything they find. And even at a point, they will have cleaner habits than when they were puppies.

Brushing Techniques

•It is important to stimulate your gums with a damp cotton ball. When they are puppies
• Having all his teeth and better formed, he uses a small soft zebra brush.
•Repeat this action as many times as you can.

Avoid human toothpaste.

It is not correct to use toothpaste made for humans because if your pet ingests it. It will cause stomach discomfort. Besides, the components that human and dog toothpaste use are different.

Tips To Take Care Of Dogs' Teeth