Top 10 RAREST long-haired dog breeds in the world

Top 10 RAREST long-haired dog breeds in the World

Among the various dog breeds there are some with particularly long coats that deserve special care. In the following Top 10 rarest long-hair dog breeds worldwide you will learn about some of the most interesting ones and what care their long hair deserves.

#10 Samoyedo

On the bottom of this top 10 rarest long-haired dogs we have the Samoyed. The Samoyed was bred for hunting, sled pulling and reindeer herding. It is a strong and hardy dog, as it had to make long pack excursions, track and warm its owners by sleeping on them in the icy Siberian nights. Because of this, his hair is long and silky.

Samoyedo rare long hair dog
Portuguese Water Dog

#9 Portuguese Water Dog

This dog was used on fishing boats to retrieve lost equipment and bring fish to the nets. It loves the water and has characteristic webbed paws. It is also called Portie.

The Portie has two types of hair: curly and wavy. In both cases there is no undercoat. To avoid tangles, regular maintenance is required, two or three times a week. So, you can count on our pet grooming salon in Chicago.

#8 Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog is an ancient breed, of which the exact origin is unknown. It was developed for herding sheep and goats. It was also used for hunting waterfowl and mountain game. It is a balanced dog, with curly hair when it is short. When long, it forms dreadlocks.

Spanish Water Dog rare long hair

#7 Maltese Bichon

The Maltese is a glamorous and energetic companion dog. It is prone to getting cold, especially if it is in a damp place or not properly dried after a bath.

It is famous for its silky white coat, which falls to the ground. Currently, it is always white. It has no undercoat. The undercoat gets dirty and tangled easily, so you should take extreme care of it if you want to keep it in excellent condition.

top 10 rarest Maltese Bichon

#6 Australian Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier is a small dog with a big personality, developed to hunt small prey. It retains the temperament of the terrier, so it is a tenacious dog and fond of digging. It is also very loyal to its family.

Its long coat requires regular brushing (two or three times a week) and a monthly bath.

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top 10 rarest Australian Silky Terrier

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#5 Tibetan Mastiff - Tibetan Dogo

Their long hair requires weekly brushing, or more frequent brushing during the shedding season. Although it does not lose much hair, it is important to remove dead hair with a specially designed brush. It has a double coat. The top coat is thick and long, and the undercoat is heavy and soft. His neck and shoulders are covered by a beautiful mane.

top 10 rarest Tibetan Mastiff dog

#4 Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a very elegant dog from Afghanistan, where its flowing mane protected it from the heat. It is an ancient and very special breed. It is capable of running long distances and at great speed. Its beautiful coat requires constant care. It is very fine and silky and tangles easily. You will have to brush it daily and bathe your dog relatively often.

Afghan Hound long hair dog

#3 Lhasa Apso

This small, harmless-looking dog is actually a strong-willed dog that does not seem to be aware of its size. The breed originates from Tibet, where it was used as a guardian in palaces and monasteries.
Its coat is very long and allows it to withstand the extreme temperatures of Tibet, with intense cold and extreme heat. It needs to be brushed daily to avoid tangles. Its care takes a long time.

#2 Hungarian Puli

Puli are Hungarian shepherds with long, braided coats, the product of a controlled matting process that is well regarded among enthusiasts. Although they can be clipped to make maintenance a simple task, many admire their coat and the process required to achieve the end result.

Hungarian Puli rare dogo
komondor rarest dog

#1 Komondor

And in the top 10 rarest long-haired dogs, the Kommodor is the winner!
The Komondor is a huge livestock guardian dog from Hungary. In addition to their size, another distinguishing factor is their long, kinky, dreadlock-like coat. While they require some grooming to keep their hair rings from tangling, maintenance is not excessive in relation to other breeds.

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