Best Ways To Handle Aggression In Dogs

It is common that we have some dogs with different personalities and behaviors. What is not common is that we have a dog with aggressive behavior. This can happen with other people or with other dogs, and this can have serious consequences. Aggressiveness is a way of showing that they are dominant. That this is their territory and they need to let it be known. To prevent your dog from having these behaviors we have consulted some tips. So keep reading Best Ways To Handle Aggression In Dogs

Correct behaviors

To ensure that your dog does not have this type of behavior, it is important to correct certain behaviors. Training and education is vital. Your dog must be clear that you send it to him, not he to you. There are several ways to assert your authority, like: 
• Prevent him from approaching all spaces
• Eating your first before the
• Enter the places before the
• When you walk with him, make sure you take him to the side, not that he is in front
It is important that you have these types of habits with your dog since he is a puppy. So that he is not aggressive with other dogs. You shouldn’t applaud him or coddle him when he bites other people while he’s playing. He must know that there are limits and he cannot bite people. For them, a resounding NO is enough to know the things they should not do, so they learn from puppies.

Best Ways To Handle Aggression In Dogs

Relationship with others

It is important that dogs share space with others since they are small. One of the tips we can give you is that from a young age, try to relate it to other animals. Within a controlled and safe environment. You must instill in him the habit of playing with other animals. Without violence or aggressiveness. If you detect this type of behavior you should correct it instantly. And he must be clear that there is a punishment if he behaves in this way.
Omit, do not forget to reward him if his behavior is appropriate. Just as there is punishment for bad behavior, he has rewards for good behavior. If your dog is at a time when he wants to attack another dog. He chooses to give him a treat to distract him and associate the environment as something calm.


The education of dogs is fundamental, the smaller they are, the easier it is to shape their behavior. If your puppy bites someone while he is playing. You must make it clear to him once and for all that it is something that he should not do. One of the most convenient punishments is to isolate him for a few minutes as punishment. It is important that you do not show an aggressive or violent attitude either. Because he will associate that this is the best behavior.

Best Ways To Handle Aggression In Dogs

Best Ways To Handle Aggression In Dogs

Talk to a professional

If your dog’s case is very advanced, and you really haven’t been able to correct his behavior. The best thing is that you go with your trusted veterinarian. This way he will be able to study the case of your dog in depth. Your vet can give you much more specific advice. They can give you information about spaying or neutering. Since these methods can help drop violence and competition between dogs of the same sex.


Your dog is your complete responsibility for that. All the behaviors they have, can hold you directly responsible. Therefore, we must avoid these aggressive behaviors, it is better to be prevented. Take your dog to dog training classes, since he is a puppy. This is how he learns to interact with other dogs and people.