Ear Care For Dogs During Summer

Taking care of all parts of our dog’s body is very important. Before having a pet, we have to make sure that we will take good care of it. That is why we must know all the recommendations on food, exercise, and cleaning. Do not forget to bring our pet and that he receives an excellent bath. At Fancy Paws Grooming Salon, he will have the best attention. So if you want to be the best caregiver, keep reading Ear Care For Dogs During Summer.

Ear Care For Dogs During Summer

Ear hygiene

The best alternative to taking care of the ears of our pets is with hygiene. Yet, we must bear in mind that it is not a place on your dog’s body that should cleaned lightly. Some care must be taken before doing this.
Also, the hygiene of a dog’s ears throughout his life is vital for health. That is why we must check the ears frequently and wash them when necessary. With a good cleaning, we can ensure good health for our dog.

If we frequently check our dog’s ears, we can make sure they are clean and prevent possible otitis. In the event of seeing lumps or other problems in the ears of our dog. We must go to the trusted veterinarian immediately. The first step in checking dog ears is to feel them on the outside. Detecting if there are parasites or lumps is important. Later, we will check the ear, which is the inner part of the ear. There we must check that there are no lumps and that the wax that is there is not excessive or too dark.

Ear Care For Dogs During Summer

How to Clean

To do this step at home, it is very important to take all the necessary care to avoid damage to our dogs. The first thing is to have some materials on hand so that the cleaning completed. The main element that we must have on hand is physiological serum. Or failing that, we can also use hydrogen peroxide or special drops.
Remember that before doing this, you must have some communication with your dog. Do not force him or grab him with another person. He can scared. You can start caressing the ears and, little by little, check and clean them.
It is important that the dog is not moving a lot, so we avoid hurting it. Once you have the material, follow these steps to clean your ears.
1. Remove the hair from the dog’s ear so you can see the inner part of the dog’s ear well.
2. Moisten a gauze pad with physiological serum, or whatever material you have. This will help clean the ear without irritating it.
3. Then, with the help of your fingers, wrap the gauze around one of them. And clean the outermost part of the ear where dirt accumulates the most.
Ear Care For Dogs During Summer

These are the steps we recommend to clean your dog’s ears. If you think you are not ready to do it at home yet, bring him with us. Here we will give him the best care and the best cleaning.