Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL

Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL

To begin with, welcome to Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL, the premier grooming salon. Our salon has been providing outstanding grooming services for dogs since 2009, and we are proud to offer a personalized and tailored experience for each of our clients. We understand that your dog is an important part of your family and our goal is to provide the highest level of grooming possible.

Moreover, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you create the perfect look for your pup. We offer a variety of services including bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail cutting, and more. We also specialize in unique hair styles and creative cuts that will make your pup stand out and look their best.

Top Notch Service!
Moreover, we know that dogs are family. Here we give them the highest quality service.
Pamper your pets today!
As a result, the best grooming services
for your pets in Logan Square Chicago IL.
The Fanciest Place
Nowadays, Fancy Paws has its name for two reasons. The way we groom your furry friends and how elegant our place is. Visit us today!
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We are the best Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL

In the first place, our experienced and dedicated staff creates a comfortable and stress-free environment for every dog that we groom. We take great pride in our custom grooming packages, designed to promote your pup’s physical health, appearance, and emotional wellbeing. From basic baths and haircuts to deep conditioning treatments and nail trimming, we’ll make sure your pup is pampered and well-cared for.

Grooming Logan Square Chicago IL

Customers prefer us in Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL

Lauren W
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I recently worked remotely in Chicago for 4 weeks and brought my pup with me. She is used to receiving walks by a dog walker in Philly, so when I knew I was coming to Chicago I reached out to Fancy Paws and they were extremely accommodating and very nice to work with. They set up an appointment right away and we scheduled walks almost immediately after. Over the past 4 weeks, Reese would get extremely excited about her walks, so much that I added more on. I would highly recommend Fancy Paws to anyone staying in the Chicago area. You and your pup(s) won't be disappointed.
Jeff Delgado
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I was a client of Fancy Paws from the time I adopted my dog in June 2016 until I moved out of the city winter 2022. From start to finish, they were tremendous to work with. Mike had walked my dog Madison for the past 3 years or so and he developed a true bond with her that whenever he would drop by her tail would go crazy and she'd roll on her back for belly rubs. That alone told me the level of care and affection that she was shown every day. Trusting any business with your dog can be uncomfortable, but with Fancy Paws I knew Madison was in great hands.
Emilia William
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Fancy Paws has been wonderful for our dog Pi! We have used Fancy Paws for dog walking and dog sitting for 2 years and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the Chicago area. Friendly, professional, easy booking process, and our dog truly loves his walkers!

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More and more, Logan Square is a community located on the northwest side of Chicago that has experienced a boom in recent years.  Moreover, known for its vibrant arts, culture and food scene, Logan Square is home to a variety of arts organizations, local stores, trendy cocktail bars and intimate music venues. It is a thriving and diverse multicultural community, where people from different backgrounds and cultures come together to celebrate and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Also, its urban vibe, full of creative energy, makes it a go-to place for locals looking for something cool and different, with a wide range of activities and events throughout the year. Finally, from music and art festivals to food fairs, Logan Square has something for everyone.

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In fact, in Fancy Paws we take care of your dogs, offering the best place for them. You don’t have to worry about leaving them here, we strive to create the best and friendliest environment for your furry friend! Your dog is and will always be in good hands!

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Grooming services Logan Square Chicago IL

Why choose Fancy Paws Grooming Salon?

  • Spacious Public Grooming Area
  • Talented Caring Groomers.
  • Clean and Adaptable Stations for small, big or older dogs. 
  • We provide grooming services for any size, age or breed. 



Grooming services Logan Square Chicago IL


Nowadays, our Fancy Paws team uses quality, natural, wholesome products to ensure your furry babe leaves looking and feeling like a superstar! Bathing and Grooming are available throughout the week.

In conclusion, call to schedule your next appointment.




All Grooming Services are available for all pets. 

For that reason, pets are like family to us. You will notice that as soon as we groom your pet they will start feeling happier. They need to be pampered as much as we. Bring them today! We will take care of them. You will notice how happy your pet will be after a nice grooming session. Bring your furry friends to the best Dog Grooming Services in Chicago.




$5 Off for


Prices may vary based on behavior and condition of coat


Moreover, this service includes basic shampoo and conditioning, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

S: $30

M: $40

L: $50

XL: $60


Also, includes bath, shampoo, blow dry, mani-pedi, paw and sani trim, nail trim and light face trim.

S: $45

M: $50

L: $60

XL: $70


In fact, this is our best service for long hair dogs. Includes everything in Deluxe bath plus a fancy haircut according to the breed standard or your personal preference.

S: $50

M: $55

L: $65

XL: $75


Minimum Age of Three Months

Full Vaccination Cycle

Good Health Condition

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Look no further in our Local Dog Groomers Logan Square Chicago IL, you will find everything need.

In general, as you can see, our results speak for themselves. We will take good care of your dog in every sense. Our dog Grooming Salon Chicago can proudly show you our results. And every dog that comes into our salon will leave it happy and clean. With our Dog Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL, you won’t have a careless dog. The team we have really cares for your pet’s well-being.

#1 Dog Spa Logan Square Chicago IL



High Quality Pet Grooming Salon Logan Square Chicago IL

All our services are available for all pets. 

As a result, pets are like family to us. You will notice that as soon as we groom your pet they will start feeling happier. They need to be pampered as much as we. Bring them today! We will take care of them. You will notice how happy your pet will be after a nice grooming session.

Fancy Paws is the best pet grooming salon Logan Square Chicago IL

To begin with, our grooming service includes everything that comes with the bath service plus extra things! We do a sanitary trim so your pet doesn't have to worry about being itchy or having anything in its fur. Also, we check their paws and leave them nice and soft. Finally, the trendiest trim styles! Who said a pet can't be trendy? We give the best styles here for your pets!

Meet our Groomers

Evelyn Mendoza

In the first place, I am a professional Pet Groomer dedicated to providing quality grooms with tender care. Fancy Paws was created to make you feel comfortable with our open concept. 

Finally, you may trust that we do what’s best for your pet family. We keep it fancy by providing humanity versus vanity.

Chicago Pet Grooming Salon

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Our customers support us

Matt Souchet
Matt Souchet
Very rude, and a unfinished job I would not recommend especially if you have a older dog.
My baby was there today, the girls did an amazing job! My 1st time there and it won't be the last. Great customer service 👏
Angelina Rosa
Angelina Rosa
We absolutely love Fancy paws and so does our dog Sammy.
daniel morales
daniel morales
I took my beagle dog to get a deep bath since my dog gets very dirty. The service was excellent, very friendly and it gave me a lot of confidence to leave my dog. Highly recommended 9/10
Customer service has seriously declined. When this shop is busy, the owner has no patience and made a grave mistake with not listening when I told her to simply cut low but she recklessly shaved down to the skin. A more experienced groomer would be more careful as to not shave so close to the skin as it would cause skin irritation on sensitive areas like the paws and belly! I was mortified when I saw my pup! My pup had never been shaved like that ever and it angered me to no end when I saw what they did. I can only imagine how scared my pup felt during this experience. WE left and I will never return!
Giovanni Baez
Giovanni Baez
Reasonable, hardworking, and professional grooming service! I accidentally pulled a no Call no Show a week ago (teacher problems) and when I called back (a week later) they told me that I would have to pay a fee for the no call no show on top of the haircut. But, because it was my first time, and because they didn’t want me to take my business elsewhere, they waived it. I respect them so much for being understanding and I appreciate them so much that I know not to miss or at the very least call them to let them know. They could have sent me on my way to another groomers but they kept my business. Now it’s on me if I mess up again and pull a no call no show. I will gladly pay them the fee. Thanks again Fancy Paws for always putting in work for my pupsters!
Tawanda Luellen
Tawanda Luellen
I love taking my lil brother Smokey here very clean respectful and the price is right they get him together
Jazmin L
Jazmin L
Thank you Evelyn for taking great care of my big boy Canelo! She inspected his coat and used a medicated shampoo to treat his belly rash, it really helped! He came out looking more handsome than ever with his fancy bandana.