Molosser Dogs: FCI Group #2: The 5 Most Popular Breeds

Molosser Dogs: FCI Group #2: The 5 Most Popular Breeds

Within group #2 categorized by the FCI, there is the Pinscher, Schnauzer, and Swiss Cattle Dogs. In this category, the molosser dogs or molossoids stand out. This is a group of dogs characterized by a muscular constitution, strong jaws, large head and short muzzle. Which makes them excellent guardians and defenders. There are two types: Molsos of the dogo type and the mountain type.

Learn in this post which are the 5 most popular breeds of molosser dogs. In addition, if you want to learn more about the FCI dog groups, read on: What Are The 10 Groups of Dog Breeds?

Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is an ancient breed of dog from China. Nowadays, this dog enjoys great popularity all over the world. Its wrinkled skin and blue tongue give it an unusual appearance.
Some dogs can be very stubborn. However, with a lot of empathy and a little patience, this molosser can become an obedient, generous, and kind dog.
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Great Dane molosser dog

Great Dane

The Great Dane clearly stands out for its size. Males reach an astonishing 90 cm in shoulder height, and females can grow up to 84 cm. In addition, this molosser was honored in the Guinness Book of Records in the “World’s Largest Dog” category. Its temperament is peaceful and calm.


The Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. At the time of the Roman Empire, this molosser worked closely with humans. This is still the case today.
Thanks to its strong stature and intelligence, it is trained as a police or rescue dog. However, its characteristics do not exempt it from being a very affectionate family dog. As long as constant training and exercises are carried out.
molosser dogs - rottweiler

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Brazilian Fila

The body structure of the Brazilian Fila is quite peculiar. On the one hand, one can observe a large and long body supported by medium-sized muscular legs. From its trunk, a thick and slender neck is born, which supports a large head.
As for the coat, the most popular pigment of the Fila Brasileiro is sienna brown. Although there are also many black brindle specimens. The size of this coat is always short, hard, dense, and is held in a thick and flexible skin.
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The Boxer is a dog with a lot of energy and charisma. Sporty, intelligent, and a friend of children. These characteristics make it the ideal companion for an active family with children.
Unlike larger molosser, dog sports such as agility or dog dance are optimal leisure activities for this dog. With good socialization and training, people will find a loving four-legged companion.
boxer moloser dog

Molosser Dogs Conclusion

We know that Molossoids are not the only ones in the FCI Group #2 breeds. The rest of the breeds of Group 2 type pinscher and schnauzer – Molossoids – Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs, you can find them in this link. However, it was important for us to dedicate a particular post to them. If you have any of these dogs and need a bath, do not hesitate to contact our Pet Grooming Salon in Chicago. Our services give us the authority to be recognized as one of the best Chicago Dog Grooming Services. What are you waiting for to meet us?

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