Why not paint your dog’s nails?

Why Not Paint Your Dog's Nails?

Don’t paint your dog’s nails! It is one thing to file or cut the nails and another to use nail polish that is toxic for them. Learn here why not paint your dog’s nails.

why not paint your dog's nails

Dog's hygiene

Taking care of our dog’s hygiene is very important. There are routines that we must perform periodically such as:
  • Bathing
  • Daily brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping.
However, there are other routines that have nothing to do with this and are purely aesthetic, such as manicures for dogs. However, we must take into account painting the dog’s nails. As funny as it may seem, it is a practice that is not advisable since nail polishes could be toxic for them.
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Why not paint your dog's nails?

Nail polishes can contain toxic chemicals, both for people and pets. That can affect their health when inhaled. And if we take into account that dogs have a much more developed sense of smell, it can affect them even more. This is the result of a study by the California EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control. Which laboratory analyzed 25 different nail products on the market.
So if you want to take care of your dog’s health do not paint his nails. We should limit the manicure to cut the nails or cut the dewclaws, without giving them color.

So, what can you do?

Dogs that walk a lot have natural wear of the nails and it is not usually necessary to cut them. As often as dogs that walk little or spend more time at home.
Trimming the nails
To do this, we have to make sure we use the right accessories, such as scissors or nail clippers specifically for pets. If you cut the nails yourself. You must make sure that the dog is very still, hold its paw and carefully cut the nail. Without reaching the root of the nail that is inside it, as this could cause bleeding and great pain. If this happens, pressure should be applied to the wound until the bleeding stops. Special care should be taken when the nails are black as the root is not easily seen. If you do not see it clearly, ask for the nails to be cut in the hairdresser’s shop.
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why not paint your dog's nails

File the nails. After trimming the nails, the edges are often rough. You can use a pet nail file (there are electric ones) to smooth them. These are the steps we recommend to clean your dog’s nails. If you think you are not ready to do it at home yet, bring him with us. Here we will give him the best care and the best cleaning. Our deluxe dog bath in Chicago might be nice for your dog.

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