The Basics of Dog Grooming

The Basics of Dog Grooming

Our dogs are another member of our family. They all require as much care and pampering as we do. Most dog owners are unaware of all the processes needed to groom their four-legged friends. If you want to learn more about what goes on in a Grooming Salon. Or, even better, maybe you also want to try grooming your dog at home. Here in Fancy Paws, we bring you the basics of dog grooming.

Thanks to the fact that baths for pets are hygiene procedures. This helps our furry friends maintain the health of their fur. as well as the hygiene of your eyes, ears, and nose.

Cleaning our pets is a way to become familiar with healthy skin. This way, we can also detect if there are unusual signs.

In some cases, thanks to the bath, we can detect if our pet has any abnormality in the skin. We can tell if his ears are okay. Sometimes, thanks to the bathrooms, we can turn them around completely and make sure everything is fine.

Chicago Il basics of dog grooming

Take it one paw at a time

One of the things we love the most about dogs is how excited they get when they receive us. We arrive from work or the street, and you can hear them in the distance running towards us. 

While it is a fantastic sound to hear, but have you noticed sometimes it is a bit louder? Our dogs’ nails get larger by the time, same as ours. 

The longer our nails, the more uncomfortable some activities become to do for us. Same for our dogs. They might not show it, but long nails can hurt their little paws. One of the first things to take care of is long nails. 

Clipping them can also be a big challenge. Some dogs are relaxed when it comes to this, but others might struggle and get nervous. 

If you are afraid of hurting your dog in the process, you can always look for a Expert Dog Groomer. These places are full of experts ready to help you out and leave your dog’s paws in the best possible shape and look!

Wash that fur

Most people have the same doubt: “how often should I wash my dog?” A common and very acceptable question to have. We usually recommend bathing your dog at least once a month, but it will depend on other factors too. 

Some dogs might be more active than others. Dogs that are always indoor don’t have a lot of activity. Although, those who are outside a lot might require maybe a bath twice a month.

 We recommend taking them to a deluxe bath once in a while. Most Dog Grooming Services Chicago offers deluxe baths. This bath is aimed to give the best to your dog.

Another recommendation we can give you is to take your dog for a walk before the bath. Bathing your dog will be easier, trust us.

More Basics of Dog Grooming

Brush his fur: This is an activity whose regularity will depend on the type of hair of your canine and its length. For example, long hair should be brushed as often as possible, preferably every day. Medium coats should be brushed two to three times a week, while short coats are easier to care for and can be brushed once a week. 

Brushing your pet’s fur will not only improve his appearance and make it look healthy, but it will be relaxing for you after a long workday.

Dental Care: There are specific products for dogs with which you can brush their teeth, with toothpaste and brushes adapted for them, such as those used at the dog grooming salon Chicago.

In addition, there are special treats that serve to clean our pets’ teeth and rid them of tartar buildup.

Health Care

Cuddle time: showing your affection is essential. Spend a few minutes a day with your pet to strengthen bonds and loyalty. 

Also, invite your dog to do activities with you, such as watching movies, walking in the park, and so on.

Keep him active: especially if your dog spends a lot of time indoors. A passive dog tends to put on weight and runs the risk of suffering from various diseases. The best alternative is to take him out for a run, always under your supervision.

If you can’t go out, make sure you provide him with the right food for his lifestyle and take time to burn off energy through intense play with toys and other stimuli. 

Our experts advise you to pamper him, keep an eye on his health and give him the best cuts and hairstyles, depending on the season. Your best furry friend will thank you for it.

Dogs will always require a lot of care, which is more than okay! They are family and should be treated as such. These are the basics of dog grooming. If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about what we offer, give us a call – you can always book a day for your dog at Dog Grooming Services Illinois in Chicago!

Some advice

We know that some fuzzies are afraid of baths or water. This is completely normal, just like human beings have fears and phobias. We are going to give you some tips so that your pet can lose its fear of water and baths.

The first step is to try to get our pet used to having contact with water as a puppy. In our center, we will always give you the best care. Also, these guys work for us now in the summer. Our furry friends suffer from heat worse than us. If you want to know more about these summer tips, read all the resources we have for you on the website.

Following on from the above It is important to try to show the dog that water is not dangerous. We can try to get him to go to the water alone, or we can help him by motivating him with a treat. So you can associate bath time with something pleasant.

Being in a relaxed environment will help a lot to not stress our dog. It is important to avoid frightening or upsetting your pet before bathing. So you can be much calmer. And so you may forget your fear of water.

Finally, it is much better to give our pets a bath and not a shower. Sometimes the noise of the shower can make them nervous. It is better to fill a container with water and help him become familiar with water. So, little by little, our pet will be able to lose fear of the water. However, in our center, we will help you with everything you need to make your pet comfortable and happy.

In the Best Pet Grooming Salon Chicago, we  have the best professionals. Here we give you the best advice. Do not hesitate to visit all our posters. Learn new things every day so that your pet is happy and healthy.