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The 4 Mexican Dog Breeds

The 4 Mexican Dog Breeds

As dog lovers, we are curious about all dog breeds. Here we will show you the 4 Mexican Dog Breeds. They are the only dog breeds originated in Mexico. Which breed is the best for your home?


The main characteristic that marks this dog is the lack of hair on most of its body.
Its origin is very ancient. The meat of the Xoloitzcuintle or Xoloitzcuintli in Nahuatl language, was considered a delicacy in Pre-Hispanic Mexico. Which the Mexican Indians ate in special ceremonies as a ritual to their beliefs. And was considered as the representative of the God “Xolotl” from where its name comes from.


Xoloitzcuintle The 4 Mexican Dog Breeds
4 mexican dog breeds techichi dog

Techichi Dog

This is a breed that is currently extinct. It is known to be a direct ancestor of the Chihuahua dog. Its appearance was very similar to the current breed, but with a longer coat and a more elongated spine. In behavior, they were very calm and docile. In addition, they were companion dogs and were used for light work.

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Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahueño is considered the smallest breed in the world. It is named after the largest state in Mexico (Chihuahua). Where it is believed to have lived in the wild. And, was captured and domesticated by the indigenous people during the time of the “Toltec” civilization.
Chihuahua mexcian dog breed
mexcian dog breed calupoh

Calupoh Dog or Mexican Wolf Dog

The Calupoh dog is the most unknown of all the breeds mentioned here. Although its origin is not recent, traces of this breed have been found in Teotihuacan. It is not common to see one in the street or to have an acquaintance who owns a specimen. The reason for this is that it is a breed that has recently recovered and can be considered as a hybrid between a dog and the gray wolf.
Its origin occurred naturally as a result of crossbreeding between wolves and dogs that shared a territory. It is the largest dog of the three Mexican breeds that currently exist. With a size that reaches up to 75 cm and a black coat that gives it a certain resemblance to that of wolves. Its docile character makes it a companion dog.
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4 Mexican dog breeds: Conclusion

These are the main specimens of  Mexico that are still preserved and survive (exept for Techichi) in time because of their beauty and popularity. If you have any of these dogs and need a bath, do not hesitate to contact our Pet Grooming Salon in Chicago. Our services give us the authority to be recognized as one of the best Chicago Dog Grooming Services. What are you waiting for to meet us?

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