The 3 Dogs From South Africa

dogs from south africa

The 3 Dogs From South Africa Africa characterizes as being a striking continent, which is not only due to its tradition and culture but also to its varied flora and fauna. And when talking about African fauna, it is common to think almost immediately of the unique exotic species. They characterize this continent: lions, giraffes, … Read more

Top 5 Italian Dogs

top 5 italian dogs

Top 5 Italian Dogs As dog lovers, we are curious about all dog breeds. Here we will show you the top 5 Italian dogs. Which breed is the best for your home? Neapolitan Mastiff Of gigantic size, the majestic Neapolitan Mastiff is a strong and muscular dog and slightly longer than tall. The adult … Read more

Top 5 French Dogs

top 5 french dogs

Top 5 French Dogs Undoubtedly, France is renowned for its landscapes, historical buildings, culture, and sophisticated gastronomy. However, France also surprises us with many dog breeds with remarkable qualities. Here we will show you what for us is the top 5 French dogs. Which is the best breed for you? Barbet We begin our list … Read more

6 Dogs from Tibet

dogs from tibet

6 Dogs From Tibet Tibet is the cradle of Zen Buddhism and a mystical place par excellence. Geographically, it is located in a region northeast of the Himalayas in Asia, within present-day China. There also originated famous dog breeds that perhaps not everyone knows that come from there, and that are very loved and popular. … Read more