Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer

Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer

Summer is right now in full swing in Chicago, and most of us are enjoying it a lot. With people now resting at home and some others doing some light traveling. Now is the perfect time to go outside and have a fun time. However, summer can bring some other things to be aware of for humans and dogs. Heat affects dogs similarly as us, and maybe a bit more. Given how furry some of our dogs are, extra care is needed. Today we bring you the Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer.

Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer


Summer is the time for vacations. It is when we can spend more time with our family and our pets. It is important that we pay attention to the activities that we are going to have in the summer. There are some cases where dogs need to be approached . Like the high temperatures of summer.
The most common problems during the summer is the well-known heat stroke. It is a problem that attacks humans and dogs. It happens when the body temperature rises very . So the body does not assimilate it well and has some problems.
Heatstroke happens when our pets raise their temperature to 42 degrees. We can check this with a thermometer. Learn how to measure your dog’s temperature. We can also realize that our dog has heat stroke due to accelerated breathing.
In very extreme cases, the dog may stagger or have seizures. Sometimes, vomiting and diarrhea may also appear. That is why it is important to follow the best tips to keep our dogs cool in the summer. Read our blog; we have the best tips!
This may be one of the consequences of not knowing how to keep our dog healthy in the summer. Be sure to stop by Best Dog Grooming Services. We will leave your furry friend in the best possible condition for the summer.

Fresh Clothing

Most dog owners like to dress their dogs in funny sweaters or shirts. During summer, it might not be the best idea to do so, although some nice options will let you dress your dog. 
Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer

If you are stopping around a Cheap Dog Grooming close to your area and looking for something cute for your dog, ask for one of these. These clothes are nice, light, and cool. Everything your dog needs to be fashionable and light enough to keep playing under the sun.

Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer


Our dogs love playing outside, and it is inevitable they will get dirty. Sometimes our dogs get real mucky, and they might need some extra care. In our Dog Grooming Salon Chicago, you will see how much we recommend having anti-bacterial with you. We recommend applying it to your dog after any Grooming session or even a bath at home. This way, you ensure they aren’t contracting anything bad from the outside.

We have to keep in mind that the products we use for our dogs must be the best. In the market, we have many options. It is important that we check that the shampoos do not have salt. In our spa, we have the best products to take care of your pet.

Important element is choosing the best conditioners. This will make it easier to untangle the dog’s fur. We know that in summer time it is very important to keep them without knots. Which can prevent the ventilation of the skin.

The Best Pet Spa

Read our blog, we have post like: How to Brush your Dog’s fur Properly

In the Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer we Beware of the Fleas

Fleas appear quite often throughout the Summer. We recommend having some Anti-Flea wash at hand if it might be needed. If fleas get out of hand, do not doubt looking for Dog Grooming Salon You will always find us as your closest options for all your Dog Grooming Needs.

Let’s not forget that the issue of fleas and ticks is very dangerous. We must know how to avoid them and how to remove them. In our blog, we give you the best information and the best advice. It is important that you know all this so that your dog avoids contracting fleas or ticks as much as possible.

Summer is undoubtedly the most enjoyable season out there, but one that comes with its tolls. Protect your dog and prevent it before traveling. You and your dog will be happy during this amazing season. 

What is recommended before a grooming in summer?

The  thing is that we must choose a sunny day on which there is a pleasant temperature. This way, we prevent our pet from suffering changes in temperature. Choosing the right place is one of the most important things. Take him to a place where you know he will be fine and comfortable. Visit our facilities whenever you want.
Make sure that in the place where they are going to bathe, they use a shower. Not a container full of water. This can sometimes scare our dogs. In our spa, we have the best equipment so that our guests are comfortable and happy.
Grooming Salon Essentials for Summer
It is important not to wear chain or leather necklaces. These collars can scare or drown our dogs when it comes to tying them up. It must made with the best materials.
As we have mentioned before, Brushing our pet’s fur brings great benefits. If possible, we can brush their fur before taking them to the bathroom. This will help the shampoo and conditioner stay on the coat better. 
Finally, The temperature of the water is very important. Always ask if they are being cautious with the temperature. If there is a very drastic change, our dogs can get sick or burn.
It is better to avoid these things. Make sure all the above are in order and your dog will have a great experience.
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