How to keep your Dog calm while Grooming

How to keep your Dog calm while Grooming

When our dogs are clean, fluffy, and happy, don’t we all love them? Oh yes, it is amazing. Nothing like taking your new dog to get a new style. Or probably that nail trimming is long overdue, and it is finally the moment. That nice Summer day when everybody takes their dogs out is here, and you want to take yours too with its new style. Yes, everything sounds amazing but, is the process to get there easy? No, not at all. Some dogs can get very nervous when they go to a grooming session. Here we tell you how to keep your dog calm while grooming.


If dogs are known for something is for getting familiar with anything and not letting go. For real, there are a lot of things they get familiar with. That sound of their plate makes them come running for their food. The sound of your car parking makes your dog run to the entrance. They can recognize anything and become familiar with it rather quickly. However, grooming sessions do not frequently occur with dogs in Chicago. 

Now, Dog Spa is trendy and is everywhere, and people love doing it. But, does your dog love it too? Maybe not. When they arrive at the Dog Grooming Salon , they will most likely panic. They don’t know the groomers, the place, or the tools. That is why we recommend getting your dog familiar with at least some tools used for grooming. As we explained in our last post, there are a lot of ways to do dog grooming at home. If you try to use any of these tools constantly, your dog won’t be so afraid when someone else uses them. Try to do this at least once a week, and trust us, there won’t be a lot of drama when they go to their grooming appointment. 


Now, we spoke about familiarity up there. Treats are another amazing way to get your dogs to do something again. Think about teaching them tricks. They do it. You give them a treat, and they do it again. Every time they do it, they expect a treat that makes it easier to learn. The same thing happens with grooming. You give them a treat throughout the process, and they will start being calm in no time. 

As we mentioned, some dogs might have problems when it comes to grooming. While some might not react and sit there quiet and nice, others might make a huge drama. Keep with you a small bag of treats every time you do grooming at home or schedule an appointment. Our Pet Grooming experts always have treated your dogs with patience. If you want to know more about keeping your dog calm while grooming, remember to follow us. And, if you want to experience the best dog grooming services near you with the finest groomers, book today!