How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Summer is still in full swing! Thankfully. We surely deserved a nice Summer after the crazy times we’ve lived. Most people in Chicago enjoy it outside now that it is easier to go out. However, it isn’t only people the ones that are having fun. Your dogs too. Your dogs might be getting a little hot this season if you are afraid. Don’t worry! Today we tell you how to keep your dog cool during Summer.

Chicago Il How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Are they drinking enough water?

Maybe the most obvious one but important nonetheless. When going outside, sometimes people tend to forget an important thing, water. The majority of dogs enjoy running around and playing with other pets. Water is essential for them because of all the activities they are doing.

Also, it is essential to keep them hydrated because of the weather. Some temperatures might rise a lot and affect them. If your dog is very furry, then with even more reason.

One thing you can do to mitigate their thirst could be a nice haircut. A lot of Pet Grooming Salon Chicago services offer nice and trendy haircuts. You could always treat your dog with one before taking them outside to play.

Fresh house

It is not only important to have our dog fresh and hydrated; it is also important to have our space fresh. There are some dogs that cannot tolerate high temperatures. That’s why we must help them stay as fresh as possible. One of the options is to incorporate air conditioners into the home.

Fans are also an option. Keep the windows open during the day so that the air flows throughout the space. We have to accommodate our dog’s bedroom in a very cool place in the house.
If we have a house with a garden, it is important to set up a shaded area. So our dog will be able to enjoy being outside but in a cool area. He also avoids exposure to the sun. Another option is to buy plastic mats that help keep dogs cool.
Must that in the garden and in the house there are containers with fresh water. The water must changed at least every two hours. So our dog is always hydrated. One option is to put some ice cubes in the water. Your dog will thank you.
How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer


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Of course, all dogs need the sun. They need to go on their walks to relieve themselves. But, in summer, the sun can be very strong. This is not very good for them. For this reason, we have to go out for a walk first thing in the morning, when the sun has not risen.
During these walks, it is best that you do not make a lot of physical effort. Avoid long walks because this can tire them.
Puppies and older dogs need special care. With them, it is more important to have all these recommendations. An important point is to try not to walk where the floor is very hot. This can hurt the dogs’ legs.

If the day is very sunny, we must not forget to carry water and to hydrate the dog . Before leaving the house. It is recommended to wet the head, belly, and legs with water to reduce body temperature. This way, you can be much cooler and calmer.

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Food during the cool hours

It can happen that, thanks to the heat, the dog loses its appetite and stops eating. Both dogs and humans like fresh food. So, it is better to feed our pets in moderate amounts and when the temperature is cooler. Also, it is best to do it in a cool place that has ventilation. So that it is away from the sun, so that our dog feels comfortable eating.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Coat care

There are dogs that have a lot of hair. This makes them hotter in the summer. That is why one of the most recommended options for Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer. Is to take him to our favorite place to have his hair cut. It is best to leave about 3 centimeters.
This protects the skin from radiation. The hair also protects it from the sun’s rays and very strong heat strokes.
It is best to shave off the belly hair. So dogs can feel fresher. One of the most important things is the permanent brushing of the hair. Thus, dead hair and knots that prevent the skin from aerating.
If we are in a place where dogs can go into the sea, it is important to wash them with fresh water after that. Sea salt can dry out hair or give them allergies.

Give them a grooming session

Believe it or not, Dog Grooming Chicago services can make a huge difference for your dog. Imagine you are ready to take them outside. They are happy to start running, but how long will they last?

As mentioned above, furry dogs might have difficulties enjoying their outside time. Especially because of the heat. Keeping up with Dog Grooming Near Me. Is a great option to avoid this. You can always take them before going out.

On the other hand, you can also take them after. While most dogs just run and play with others, we know some dogs are more active. Some dogs love to roll around the grass and dirt. A bath is needed afterward. We can give you the whole grooming package. Bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more! Never doubt about getting your dogs to a grooming salon. They will thank you!

Occasionally the floor may be hot and the pads may crack. Ideally, the paws should be massaged after contact with the floor with a pad protector to prevent cracking and injury.

Refreshing beds

A good sale for summer times is cooling beds. , our dogs have soft and furry beds to sleep in at night. But in the summertime, they won’t want to go near those hot beds. So, buying a bed that is made of materials that can help our dog be comfortable and happy.
The great thing about these types of items is that they can carried everywhere. We can take it to the beach or on a trip, or place it anywhere in the house. This will help our dog to be fresh in all the places that we take him.