How to get rid of Dog’s fleas

How to get rid of Dog's fleas

No matter how clean we keep our pets, there is always the probability that they can become infested with fleas from another animal or in the grass. For these cases, we must know how to get rid of dog’s fleas. 

Besides, they are pests that can cause great consequences for our homes and for the lives of our pets. Learn about how to avoid them and what treatments to use.

Prevention is the best option

When it comes to pesky fleas, prevention is better than cure. Once installed on your host, eliminating them was difficult, but not impossible. If you want to know how to get rid of fleas on dogs, read on.
Fleas are parasites that live at the expense of a pet’s blood, which reproduces and moves. On our dog’s skin and can jump long distances.
And while a service Chicago Pet grooming Salon can offer a professional service. It is also possible to apply some tips from AKC to get rid of the dog’s fleas.
You can identify if your dog has fleas by checking its coat for the presence of tiny black dots. Which are flea feces, or small white balls, which are eggs. 
How to get rid of Dog's fleas Chicago

Clean everything!

After making sure that our dog is free of fleas. It is necessary to clean our home, including eggs and fleas. Likewise, special emphasis should placed on the areas where our dog rests or plays.
How to get rid of Dog's fleas Chicago
According to Chicago professionals. Your toys and blankets should be washed with hot water and plenty of soap; It is also better to let them dry in the sun.
Now that we know how to get rid of fleas on dogs. We understand that it is better to be safe than sorry with the help of flea soaps, collars and products.
In case of important infestations, you can go to a veterinarian. Or in your area to get professional help, your pet will thank you.
Also, most of the time, fleas can bring infections. This causes skin allergies. Something that can be very uncomfortable for our pets. That is why it is better to prevent them.

After identifying them, it is time to act. First of all, we must bathe our dog with a special anti-flea soap or with a homemade recipe based on lemon slices.

It’s easy. According to the advice of the Chicago pet grooming salon, it should be brought to a boil and applied when it has cooled on the dog’s skin, avoiding the muzzle and eyes. And last but not least, we should run a flea brush through the coat, drowning the survivors.

We have articles where we teach you which are the best products and the best techniques for brushing your pet’s fur.

Consequences of fleas and ticks

Flea and tick bites can be a big problem. They can affect our pets and ourselves. A flea bite causes irritation. Also, when combined with one of the components of saliva, it is much worse.
That is why it is important to review our dogs’ health and act in time. If they present irritation, it is better to be aware so that they do not lick. Fleas cause allergic dermatitis. So, thanks to their death. They can send a tapeworm called “Dipylidium Caninum” which causes intestinal parasitosis.
Fleas can also cause the transmission of bacteria. Ue can be the origin or worsen some infections.
So, if we talk about ticks, among all the diseases they cause. The most common are erlichiosis, babesiosis, and borealiosis. All them can transmitted to humans. always from a tick bite, not from direct contact with the pet.
That is why we must be aware of checking our dogs. Ticks are most often very large and easy to see. If we check dogs , we can prevent ticks from being on their bodies.


It is very difficult for our little friend not to be approached by any fleas. That is why it is also important to know how we can avoid them and drop them from our environment.
Protecting our dogs will always be an excellent option. That is why we must get used to giving him treatments that our veterinarian recommends. like pills, antiparasitic collars, or pipettes. Maintaining this type of treatment will help our pets never.
Brushing them in a row will help us to see if they have fleas on their bodies as well as contribute to the hygiene of our pet. Thus, the baths in a row are important. Do not forget to bring them with us in dog grooming salon chicago. Here we will give you the best attention.
Keeping our pets away from environments where they can catch fleas is important. It is best to keep it away from and avoid areas with a lot of grass.
It is important to keep in mind that the places where fleas are most present are in warm climates. So in the summer, you must be very careful.
You can visit our page and learn more tips in the summer for the care of your pet.
Finally, it is necessary to mention that, this means sweet foods are prohibited. For one thing, they can be harmful to the health of dogs. But, also, they are very striking for fleas. If the blood of dogs has sweet components, they will be much more likely to have fleas. Taking care of our dogs with food is also very important.