How to brush your Dog’s fur properly

How to Brush your Dog's fur Properly

They are your best friends, yes, but there are some aspects of canine care that we may overlook due to our day-to-day activities. One of the most important is how to brush your dog’s fur properly. This is important because dog hair tends to get tangled, making them uncomfortable. Also, the tangled dog hair is similar to dreadlocks. If they don’t receive a constant cleaning, smell bad, and catch a lot of dirty stuff. Professionals Center is going to give to you these tips to help your dog feel better:

Make it fun

This activity can become fun and convivial between you and your furry pets. There are some aspects to take into account to guarantee the maximum care of our dog. For example, the choice of the brush and the frequency of brushing will vary depending on the hair is short, medium, or long.

There are excellent options in Chicago from specialists on the subject, however, here are the keys:

Cuddle Time: Showing your affection is essential. Dedicate a few minutes a day to spend time with your pet to strengthen bonds and loyalty. Also, invite your dog to do activities with you, such as watching movies, walking in the park, etcetera. 

How to properly brush your Dog’s fur Chicago Il
How to properly brush your Dog’s fur

Choose the right comb

To make your pet look like it has obtained dog grooming salon Chicago style, you must remember: if the hair is short, one brushing a week will be enough, which should be a few strokes in the direction of hair growth and with a rubber bristle brush.

On the other hand, if you have a medium-haired dog, such as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, brushing should be done about three times a week. Also, this kind of hair tends to fall a lot. If you repeatedly brush your dog, the hair will not fall in every place of your house. According to pet grooming salon Chicago advice, the comb should be metal or natural bristle to avoid static.

Finally, in the case of long-haired dogs such as the Husky or Alaskan Malamute, brushing should be done daily or as often as possible to avoid knots and the appearance of lice and other parasites.

 Knowing how to brush your dog´s fur properly will not only make your dog healthy and look like out of a dog grooming Chicago service. Still, it will also strengthen the bonds of trust and affection between pet and owner.

If you want to know more about the different implements to brush your dog. Feel free to check out our blog. We have the best information.

What you should know about your dog's coat

What we do not know most of the time. It is that the hair goes much further. A dog’s hair has components that we do not know. It is composed of keratin, a substance that is in the deep layer of the skin. There is the deep hair, which is in the inner coat of the dog. The other is called “guard hair,” which is the most visible.

The guard hair is thicker and longer. Its function is to protect the dog’s skin from any possible injury. Deep hairs are much finer and denser. They have the vital function of insulating the dog’s body.
The hair layers of each dog depend on the breed. There are some that have both layers. Others who lack deep hair and others who do not have guard hair.
It is also important to know that our pet’s hair is not the same all year round. Lives change in the 12 months in 3 phases. Anagen, or growth phase. transition phase, which is when you lose more hair. This is a normal process of the body that helps our dog be protected from different temperatures. And the last phase. rest phase.
As we have mentioned above, In the canine world, there are many types of hair. It is important that you know the needs of your little friend. You have to know the length, thickness, and structure of your dog’s hair. so you can provide the best care. And so he will be comfortable and safe with his fur.
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Tips for caring for your dog's hair

Taking care of our dog’s hair is very important. If we know how to comb it, we must know how to take care of it. Thus, the hair remains beautiful and healthy. And we avoid infections, bad odors, fleas, and ticks.

1.Brush often, at the right time   

Brushing, as we mentioned before, has to be included in our weekly agenda. If our pet has long hair, We must take special care in the autumn and spring. Besides, having a brushing routine will help with the hygiene of our house. throughout the year.
It is important that we generate this type of brushing habit in our pets since they are puppies. And as mentioned above, He knows very well what implements to use so that he feels comfortable. It is advisable to know when to brush our dogs.
It is not recommended to do it after a bath. Wet hair is difficult to brush and can cause discomfort in a dog. That is why it is always better to brush the hair when it is dry.


2.  Bathe under hair type

 Since we mentioned the bathroom.It is important to mention that when a dog is bathed. It is relative according to each one of them. That is why we must know our dog very well. To know when and how often we can do everything.
It is recommended to bathe your but every three weeks, or a greatest of every two months, depending on the hair. Those with long hair need a bath more often, but those with short hair can wait a little longer for baths.
Another element that we cannot forget is the shampoo that we are going to use. This cosmetic product will be what will help us take care of our pet’s hair.
3. Look after the food
The hair of our pet works as a mirror of the general state of its health. The genetics of the animal also determine the character of its hair. So it is important to know about our dog’s food.
We must take that into account. The ingredients are top quality. You can also take into account the completely natural food for our dogs. Nutritional formulas can be recommended by our trusted veterinarian.

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